Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Somewhere between long plane rides, indulgent meals and an uptake in alcohol, traveling can really take a toll on your fitness level. With this in mind we asked the travelers of travel website Trippy.com how they stay fit while they’re seeing the world.




“Resistance tubes: Occupy very little space in your luggage and can be used for a variety of exercises.” — Trippy member Cleon Kanellis from Thessaloniki, Greece




“…I’ve switched to purchasing quite a lot of road foods in grocery stores instead of relying on eating out or eating from gas stations while traveling. It’s a lot cheaper, you have more control over your health, and it’s often more satisfying.” – Trippy member Em Flynn from Durango, Colorado




“An ample amount of sleep – this makes all the difference in terms of how I travel.” – Trippy member Krista Gray from San Francisco, California




“Stretching every morning, combined with sit-ups and push-ups, will allow you to start the day refreshed, muscles ready, and since we always do this step prior to breakfast, we generate some appetite!” – Trippy member Terry Lipford from Sarasota, Florida




“Choose hotels with higher quality fitness options including hours of operation that fit into your schedule. Then plan your workouts. You can also determine if there are any fitness options close to your hotel, including pay-per-class studios…” – Trippy member Scott M from San Francisco, California




“…just eat two meals a day. Eat a piece of fruit in the morning then have a late morning meal with protein, and eat a sensible dinner not too late in the evening.” – Trippy member Suzanne Stavert from Pasadena, California




“Don’t forget to pack a basic first aid kit, and understand your healthcare options if you do happen to get sick.” – Trippy member Stacey Danheiser from Denver, Colorado




“I also try to throw in a yoga class now and again when I travel. This helps re-focus me on my health and my well-being.” – Trippy member Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer from Colorado




“I always look up local races in the area. I am much more likely to get some runs in at a hotel if I’m training for a fun event while on the road!” – Trippy member Kaitlyn Burrell from Fryeburg, Maine

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